My Tips To Nip Procrastination

When you have a story but just can’t seem to get any words down because of that new netflix series or obsessively checking Facebook to see if anyone replied to that witty comment you made, what do you do?

Here are my tips for nipping that procrastination in the but and getting to what you really need to do: write.

First off, a quiet place, away from anyone watching tv. Not always available, but when it is, it really helps.

Second, music. Okay, okay, this might seem like it goes against the whole quiet thing, right? Well, at least for me, it doesn’t. When I put that headset on, with music I know well enough to sing backwards, it all just goes away. All the outside distractions, and the words to the songs vanish into the backdrop.

Still can’t get words? I like to find someone to write against. That might not make very much sense, so I’ll explain it a little better. There’s moments when you want to write, but find too many other things to do instead. But, if you’re writing against someone, you feel obligated to at least try to win, and keep your word to write too. In the end, it doesn’t really matter who writes more in however long you went crazy and spilled words for, you got some words, and that’s some more than you had before.

Plotting, or outlining. I’m a panster, I like to go with the flow and have things just happen. I try to have a very general idea of where to go though, where to start and where to finish, and dear god, hopefully the middle. Without that, I flounder. The more outlined the faster I can write, but is it always better for the story? I think that depends on the writer, for me it makes the writing less fluid most of the time, but for a first draft that can still work. I’m not even going to get started on editing though.

I hope some of these tips helped! Go get those words done!


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