Wishes On Words

Wishes On Words

A Poem

By Phoenix B Meadows


I wish my wishes on words, were birds
And they’d fly to find you,
And tell you,
I’m sorry.

Because I’m so sorry.

I wish my wishes could guild the pain and turn it golden,
Dance it in the firelight of your heart.

I wish my wishes were strength, to fight off the terrible,
Never ending

I wish my wishes would find you and bottle you up so you’d be whole, and wholly you,
And nothing else could reach inside to tear at you.

I wish my love was a shield,
Slam forth and knock down your enemies in droves, throw them over the treasure troves of what you can become and consume them.

I wish your pain was my pain, so I could find the hole in its armor,
And tell it to go the fuck away.

I wish my words could be more, drafted forever to reach perfection,
And ever lacking.

I wish they could tell you how much you mean,
To everyone.
How much the world needs you, because you actually make it brighter, and I love to play in the edges of your fire.

I wish I could feed your fire,
Instead of watch it dwindle away from a pier to barely banked coals,
Too tired to lick up and light the night that surrounds them.

I’d love to chase that night away, not for you, for me,
For everyone,
Because you deserve to get to met everyone,
And yes, some people are dicks, but you never find the gems if you don’t get a chance to wade through the stream.

You’re like the flower that bloomed to early, and is being scoured by the sun,
And I,
I wish I was the shade.

I wish I was your blade,
And you could use me to slay every monster you meet.

I wish I could stand in you feet for a day, not only so I could learn better what words to say,
But so you could have mine, and for a minute,
Have it easy.
For a minute have a breath,
I wish
I wish
I wish,
But my feet aren’t very good, either.
I’d still let you try them on, if I could.

I wish I could spend even one of those long nights beside you,
Silent as a ghost,
Or in the mindless babble to distract the undistractable,
Because I know I can’t dive the agony away, but I’d wade out into it, and fight it like a coming storm.
I’d be in your hurricane, if I could.
I wish,
I could.

I wish
I wish

I wish

I wish I could make you know how much stronger you are than you think,
I wish I could be your floaty, so you’d never again have to sink when the tide rips through you again like a black storm rolling over hills and consuming all the valleys in shadow.

I wish I could rope the sun for you when it’s too dark,
And be the shade when you need a place to hide from everything,
From anything.

I wish my wishes were birds,
Larks with sweet songs on their tongues and swift wings, swifter than my feet could ever be,
I’d have them say “I love you”, for me.

And I wish that would help.

I wish I was a real phoenix,
And my tears could repair the tears in you, like stitches in a wound and salve on top, and send you on your way to make a life of dreams,
Ever though I know,
That would mean you probably wouldn’t have time you me.

I’d trade every minute I have left with you, and every one I’ve had,
If the rest of your minutes could be good ones.

I wish my wishes were birds,
And I was those birds,
Because I’d go to you,
And I’d simply be, for you.

Be there.


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